The 5 AM Club Book By Robin Sharma Summary

Heaven and hell are not a
place that you can visit.

It is a state of being
that you can feel.

When you press the snooze
button laying on your bed.

then world-class
legends day started.

Richard Branson, Shahrukh Khan, CEO of Apple
Tim Cook, Narendra Modi, Founder of Twitter.

They all are early risers.

When we do brush.

Then these people are ready
to show their talent to the world.

Because they wake up one or
one and half hours before that us,

and done something. Due to this,
they become better at their work.

They are engines,

that wake up early than
others every day.

and do service of themselves.

and then come on the track.

and due to this morning routine, they
are called leaders and followers of others.

and every person has the
ability to become an engine.

And can lead as
per their capacity.

So today, I will tell you some essential morning routines
from the latest book by Robin Sharma “The 5 AM Club”.

That followed by business titans,
global leaders and expert

to make himself world-class.

The morning routine is

To apply “The 20/20/20 Formula”.

After waking up in the morning,
our mind is most Active & Fresh.

So that is the best
time to programme it.

After waking up, the first
hour is very important.

Robin Sharma tells
it “Victory Hour”.

So in 60 minutes of that victory hour,
we should do three works for 20-20 minutes.

By which you can live energetic
and aware whole day.

In the triple 20 formula, we
have to Move, Reflect, and, Grow.

So let me tell you, what have to do,
and what are its benefits.

After waking up at 5AM.

First 20 minutes, we have to
do exercises and deep breathing.

because this is the most important
and non-negotiable work you must do.

Otherwise, no meaning
of “The 5AM Club”.

By doing heavy exercises for the first 20 minutes,
the flow of dopamine and serotonin increases.

By which our overall
metabolism increases.

Due to this, your brain will be at an optimal
level and work focused and productive.

And due to strong immune
system, your body will be fit.

and your chances to
get ill will become low.

In the next 20 minutes, we
can do 4 things to reflect on me.

that is Journalin, Meditation,
Pray and Planning.

Through this, you will live positive.

You will be able to
feel your awareness.

Your wisdom will develop.

By doing any one thing
out of these four,

your thoughts will be clear,

By that, you will feel the silence.

That will be responsible for your higher
creativity and stronger performance.

In the last 20 minutes of victory hour,
we have to use it to grow ourselves.

In which we can do an
analysis of our goal.

can read books,

can listen to audiobooks
and podcasts.

means that work can be done that gives
you some information and it is of your use.

You will lot of improvement in yourself
by practising your victory hours like this.

Now I will tell you a habit of a historical leader
and performer that is very rare nowadays.

Which is “Freedom from Distraction”.

Today’s mobile phones
became as much addictive

that a person stuck with their
smartphone like a zombie everywhere.

We are living in an
“Attention Economy” right now.

Where social media and media production
companies earn money by using your attention.

I was also in the delusion
that the internet is free.

But now I understand that
the internet is not free, we are free.

If you see some report
then you know that

web series and online content are earning
more money than Bollywood movies.

Because then got to know that

to make people addictive

and to destroy their creativity,

no need for 50 feet
screen of the theatre

The 5-inch screen is
enough for that.

Friends either you believe it or not but they
are making us fool in the name of entertainment.

Today you are getting
things on the internet, like

you think everything
is of your use.

Because they have a
record of your all activity.

that what you do,
what is your like,

what are your dislikes,
and what do you search for?

And by adding all those things,

and tell you something
that you can’t control

and in the flow of emotion,
you stick with their platform.

After wasting a lot of time
seeing unnecessary things,

remember one thing,

Hours to Days and Days to Months and Months
to Years and many years together make up your life.

and if your basic is
filled with holes.

then what will be its value,
you know its well.

Have you ever listened to
successful startup founders,

CEOs of some companies,

Sports person,

or celebrity?

I have reached here because I used to see
others’ photos on Instagram and Facebook.

After watching serials and movies for 3-4 hours,
I used to sleep at night after playing pubg.

and this is the
secret of my success.

So you’ve never heard of this.

Because friends, by endless scrolling of internet,
a person and only follow can’t lead others.

Today’s internet world
doesn’t want you to be free.

They will always give notifications,

that he uploaded photos do like,

he has done this,
he has done that-

In short, the media does not
want you to think about yourself.

Because after thinking a little you will know how
much you have become a slave to the smartphone.

If you use technology for your improvement
and to share your positive message.

then it is well and good.

But use the technology only for a specific
time apart from sticking to it the whole day.

and use the rest of the time to
produce high-quality standard works.

Because all history
makers tells that

the secret to this success is

“Freedom from Distraction”

means fully focus on work.

The third idea that I
learned from “The 5AM Club”.

“3-Step Success Formula”.

Tells that if you will be aware then you
will automatically get a better result.

Let’s know-how-

Three steps success formula tells

Better awareness will change
your way of looking at things

you will become open-minded.

by that, your choice
will become better.

You will be able to arrange
your priority in a better way.

and by that, you will
get better results.

means better awareness leads to better choices
and better choices lead to better results.

The fourth idea I learned
from this book is

“The 4 Interior Empires”.

During building your home

People spend more money on
the interior than the exterior.

in the say way

With thinking to make
our business big,

we should also build
our 4 interior empires.

That is Mindset, Heartset,
Health set and Soul set.

Mindset is related to psychology.

That we can build by
learning from others.

but you can’t grow only
by building your mindset.

Because it is only 25%
of the interior empires.

You should also build your
Heart set together with your Mindset.

Which is related to your emotion.

Because the person
can’t control himself.

He can’t control anything.

If you have irritability if you
get angry on every matter.

Then you have to learn,
how to control your emotion.

and by this practice,
your Hearset will build.

and then you will be able to forgive
others and you will radiate love and peace.

The third is the Health set.

That you must have to maintain.

Maybe how much
mobile data you have,

but if your mobile is shut down due to
not charging then that data is of no use.

In the same way, no matter
how intelligent you are

If your health will not good, then
you will not give your maximum effort.

And the last interior empire is

Souls set

that is directly related to spirituality.

Then can be built after
building the previous 3 sets.

that is on the topmost in
the hierarchy of needs.

If we improve ourselves
in all these 4 areas.

then definitely we can
make our life glorious.

Heaven and hell are not
a place that you can visit.

It is a state of being
that you can feel.

The fifth and last idea that
I learned from “The 5AM Club”.

That is “The Habit Installation Protocol”.

It takes 66 days minimum
to make any habit automatic.

That comes after
spending 3 slots of 22 days.

That is Destruction,
Installation, and Integration.

In which, in our brain, in the first slot,
five habits get vanish.

In the second slot,
generates 5 new habits.

and in the last slot,

after integrated with
our subconscious mind

that habits become
our automatic habits.

Robin Sharma says that
all change is hard at first,

messy in the middle and
so gorgeous at the end.

So at the start, it will be very
hard to get up in the morning.

Sometimes You will feel
boring and useless.

But then also you have to
continue this routine and rituals.

Because the one
self-discipline says,

Those who regularly do the important
work even if it is hard, he is a real warrior.

Muhammad Ali also told that

” I hated every minute of training”,

But I said, “Don’t quit, suffer now and
live the rest of your life as a champion”.

Friends worlds are busy
improving things externally.

and this is the best time to improve
ourselves internally and present to the world.

Today many people in the world stick with
their mobile phones from morning till night.

So this is the best time to
show our talent to the world.

Today you have GCA means
“Gargantuan Competitive Advantage”.

In this distracted world,

If you learnt to work by focus,

then you will get a big competitive advantage.

Because there is tons of competition on the ordinary level
but almost no competition at the extraordinary level.

Robin Sharma worked hard for
4 years to make this book “The 5AM Club”.

and given a cinematic look
that you feel like watching a movie.

and Many golden nuggets are
given that are very helpful for your life.

If you want to buy
and read this book.

Then the Link is given
in the description.

But if you don’t read, then
also you can get up at 5 o’clock.

and can install some
rituals in yourself.

“Own your morning,
and Elevate your life”.

Thank You.