Kips IT/Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 1 Solutions NETWORKING CONCEPTS

Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 1 Solutions is part of Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Solutions. Here we have given Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 1 Solutions NETWORKING CONCEPTS.

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A. Fill in the Blanks:

1. PAN is a Computer Network created for an individual person.

2. Communication system allows us to talk to any person in the world at any time.

3. A computer network enables two or more computers to share Data and Hardware Resources.

4. In a network, modification or up gradation of the software or data is done at a Single Point only.

5. The computers that communicate with each other are called Nodes.

6. A Network maintained without using wires is called Wireless Networking.

7. LAN and MAN are the different types of networking.

B. State True or False:

1. Nodes and servers have the same function. – FALSE

2. Wi-fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. – TRUE

3. Network cards are used to physically attach a computer to a network. – TRUE

4. WAN stands for Wide Area Network. – TRUE

5. In Client-Server network, there is no central server. – FALSE

6. Extranet refers to a computer network restricted to an organization. – TRUE

C. Application Based Questions:

Mr. Hemant has set up his office with 50 computers. He wants to connect computers and peripheral devices within his office building with wires. Which type of network will you suggest him to use?

LAN (Local Area Network)

Which type of network architecture is the most suitable, when a fewer number of computers, having similar power and capacity are to be networked together?


Arpita wants to attach her computer to a network so that it can participate in network communication. Which card will you suggest her to use?

Ethernet Network Card

Raman wants to send a few photographs and song to one of his friends by interconnecting mobile phone using short-range wireless connection. Which technology would be the most suitable for her?

PAN (Personal Area Network)

D. Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Which is the most commonly used network card?

  1. Wi-fi
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Ethernet Network Card

2. The ………………….. are the certain sets of rules that determine how data should be transferred over the network.

  1. Protocols
  2. Network cards
  3. Both

3. What do we call the computers that are connected to the server?

  1. Nodes
  2. Laptop
  3. PC

4. …………………….. security means protecting data and resources from any unauthorised access.

  1. Network
  2. Information
  3. Resource Sharing

5. ……………………… is a device that connects wireless communication devices to form a wireless network.

  1. WAN
  2. Wi-fi
  3. WAP

E. Answer the following:

What is Networking? Give some common relevant examples.

a computer network can be defined as a group of computers and other peripheral devices that are linked together for the purpose of sharing data and hardware resources like network of Banks, Railway lines, Etc.

List some advantages of Networking.

efficient user of storage media preserving information, reduction in hardware costs, efficiency, Redundancy, quickest document delivery.

Differentiate between LAN and WAN.

In LAN, two or more computers and devices are connected within a small area, such as room building or campus, In WAN two or more computers located far away places.

What do you understand by network security?

Network security means protecting data and resources from any unauthorised access.

Explain client-server network.

in client server network several computers called clients or work stations are connected to the main computer called the server.

F. Define the following terms:

1. WAP: wireless access point is a device that connects wireless communication devices to form a wireless network.

2. Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to interconnect mobile phones, computers, printers using short-range wireless connection.

3. Server: server is a computer that provide services to clients and controls access controls access to hardware, software and other sources.

4. Node: The computers in a network can communicate with each other as well as work independently. Each computer in a network is called a node.

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