Kips IT/Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 10 Solutions IMAGES, LINKS & FRAMES IN HTML 5

Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 10 Solutions is part of Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Solutions. Here we have given Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 10 Solutions IMAGES, LINKS & FRAMES IN HTML 5.

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Brain Developer

A. Fill in the Blanks:

1. Images can be added to the document with the help of <img> tag.

2. The Alt attribute lets you specify text as an alternate to the image.

3. Hyperlinking the process to link various web pages together.

4. When one part of a web page is linked to another section of the same page, it is called Internal linking.

5. Frames allow you to present multiple HTML documents as independent windows within one browser window.

6. Groove is one of the possible values for the CSS border-style property.

B. State True or False:

1. You cannot display photographs on a web page. – FALSE

2. <H> is used to mark the text as a hypertext link. – FALSE

3. The value for the alt attribute is a text string of up to 2000 characters. – FALSE

4. Any image can be used as a hyperlink to another document. – TRUE

5. We can insert an Audio clip or file of any format like.mp3, .ogg, .wav, etc. in our web page with the help of Audio tag. – TRUE

6. In HTML5, Frames can be created using the <iframe>tag. – TRUE

C. Application Based Questions:

Asmita has added a few images on her web page, but she wants to keep some provision for visually impaired persons using text-based browsers so that they get the description for the images. Which attribute should she use to accomplish the task?

Alt Attribute of <image> tag

Vikram is creating a website in which he wants to use different images as links to the web pages. He is also interested in adding some video clips to his website. Can you suggest him the required tags to include the above said elements to his website?

He can use <a href = image.Html> <img src=”computer.jpg”></a> Tag For image and <video width=”320″ height=”240″ controls> <source src=”” type=video/ogg> <source src=”/build/videos/″ type=video/mp4> </video> Tag For Video.

D. Multiple Choice Questions:

1. href attribute of tag defines the document to which the link leads.

  1. href
  2. src
  3. ref

2. A Relative URL points to a file within a web site.

  1. while
  2. Relative
  3. Internal

3. Align property is used to align an image to the right or left of the text.

  1. Wrap
  2. Float
  3. Align

4. Autoplay attribute of <audio> tag plays the audio file automatically when the web page is loaded.

  1. Starts
  2. Autoplay
  3. Auto

5. .webm is one of the supported file formats for video file.

  1. Audio
  2. video
  3. Frame

6. Src attribute specifies the path of the document that should be displayed in the inline frame.

  1. Height
  2. Src
  3. Autoplay

C. Answer the following:

How are images added in an HTML document? What are the different attributes of an image element?

The <img> tag used to add images in an HTML webpage. Attributes used with image tag. a) Src – To add and define the source of an image on a webpage. b) Height – Height attribute specifies the height in pixel. c) Width – Width attribute specifies The Width in pixels.

What is the importance of associating an alternate text with an image?

It is generally used in case the user has a text-based Browser on his computer. It also proves to be useful when the user is a blink Surfers for whom the browser is programmed to read aloud the alternative test instead of displaying the image.

How can we link webpages in HTML? What are the different types of linking?

The webpages can be linked to each other by using the anchor <A> tag. a) Internal linking: when on part of a web page is linked to another section on the same page, it is used called internal linking. b) External linking: when one page is linked to another web page or website, it is called external linking.

Explain with the help of code, how audio and video clips can be added in an HTML document.

For adding audio, <audio controls src = “c:/Users/User/Desktop/Kalimba.mp3″> for adding video, <video controls src = “c:/Users/User/Desktop/video1.mp4″ width=”720” height = “540” autoplay>

Explain how Frames are useful.

Frames allow you to present multiple HTML documents Independent Windows within one browser window, which gives greater flexibility in designing and maintaining your website

F. Answer in one word:

1. The tag which inserts an inline image on the web page. – <img> tag

Independent2. The attribute of tag that specifies the text as an alternative to the image. – Alt Attribute

3. The tag which marks the text as a hyperlink. – The Anchor tag <A>

4. The attribute of <a> tag that defines the document to which the link leads. – Href Attribute

5. The attribute of <video> tag that plays the video file automatically when the webpage is loaded. – Autoplay

6. The CSS property that renders the inline frame bordeless. – border:none

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