Kips IT/Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 7 Solutions REVIEW PYTHON

Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 7 Solutions is part of Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Solutions. Here we have given Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 7 Solutions REVIEW PYTHON.

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Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 7 Solutions REVIEW PYTHON

Brain Developer

A. Fill in the Blanks:

1. The Data Types of a variable is an attribute that tells what kind of data can a variable have.

2. There are Two types of string operators.

3. The statements that govern the flow of a program are called Control Statement.

4. Comments are the statements that are written while programming but are not executed during program execution.

5. F5 is the shortcut key to execute a program.

B. State True or False:

1. Logical operators are used to assign a value to the variable. – FALSE

2. The value of a variable cannot be changed during program execution. – FALSE

3. In Python, ‘and’ is an example of Logical operators. – TRUE

4. Script Mode is used to create files in Python. – TRUE

5. Python is a case sensitive language. – TRUE

C. Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Python can work in Two different modes.

  1. Three
  2. Four
  3. Two
  4. Five

2. Concatenation is a String operator.

  1. String
  2. Integer
  3. Float
  4. Boolean

3. Asingle line comment can be created by using the # symbol.

  1. $
  2. #
  3. &
  4. @

4. The Sequential construct executes the statements in a sequential manner.

  1. Iterative
  2. Conditional
  3. Selection
  4. Sequential

5. The files in Pythin are saved with the extension .py.

  1. .pyth
  2. .py
  3. .pthy
  4. .python

D. Answer the following:

write any two features of Python that make it user friendly.

Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language which is a a) Simple and interactive b)Platform Indipendent.

What is the difference between the interactive mode and the Script mode of Python?

In the interactive mode of python, the interpreter executes the statements one by one whereas, to write lengthy programs, we use the script mode in which we can create and edit the programs.

What is the purpose of adding a comment in the program? What are the two ways used to add the comments in Python?

comments are the statements that are added to a program with the purpose of making the code easier to understand.

How is if statement different from if…else statement?

The if statement is used to evaluate only once condition. it performs a course of action if the condition evaluates to true, otherwise its skips the statements.

Differentiate between the function of ‘+’ operator when used with integer and string values.

The ‘+’ operator when used with numbers, add the values and gives the sum as output, whereas, when the ‘+’ operator is used with string values, it concatenates two strings together.

What is the difference between the following statements?
a=10 and a==10

In the statements a=10, the variable is assigned value 10, however in the statement a==10, the value of a is equated with 10. The ‘=’ (equal to) sign in the assignment operator in Python, whereas ‘==’ sign is called equal to operator.

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