Kips Information Technology Class 10 Solutions Code 402

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TextbookKips Information Technology Class 10
Subject Code402
Based onMS Office 2010
Chapter PartsPart-A and Part-B

The Content has Two Parts PART-A EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS and PART-B SUBJECT SPECIFIC SKILLS. in which Part-A has 5 units and Part-B has 4 units of chapters. after there is Sample papers and Project Work. Below are links of Kips Information Technology Class 10 Solutions.


Unit-1 Communication Skills

Unit-2 Self-Management Skills

Unit-3 Information and Communication Technology Skills

Unit-4 Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Chapter 11 Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

Unit-5 Green Skills

  • Chapter 12 Sustainable Development


Unit-1 Digital Documentation (Advanced)

Unit-2 Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)

Unit-3 Database Management System

Unit-4 Web Applications and Security

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