Kips IT Class 10 Chapter 2 Solutions Adding Graphics in a Document Part-B

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 10
Subject Code402
UnitUnit-1 Digital Documentation (Advanced)
Chapter2 Adding Graphics in a Document
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A. Select the correct option.

1. Which of these is a correct way to open the Insert Image dialog box?

  • Insert > Image
  • Image > Insert
  • View > Image

2. It contains ready-to-use objects in Writer.

  • Object Pane
  • Gallery
  • None of these

3. It holds different tools that help you to make modification in images.

  • Image Toolbar
  • Paragraph Styles
  • Frame Styles

4. These handles are used to resize an image diagonally.

  • Shift + F11
  • F11
  • Ctrl + 11

5. By using the Image dialog box, you can make changes in image properties.

  • Format
  • Paragraph
  • Image

B. Write T for True and F for False.

1. You can drag and drop the selected image in a document from the Insert Image dialog box. – FALSE

2. The Drawing Object Properties toolbar opens when you select an object. – TRUE

3. Objects are grouped so that they can be treated as a single object. – TRUE

4. Image alignment commands are available on the Image toolbar. – FALSE

5. You can bring your image two level up by using the Forward One command. – FALSE

C. Answer the following questions.

List the different ways of inserting image in Writer.

You can insert image in Writer from file, Scanned Image, Gallery, Clipboard and Using Drag and Drop Method.

Which toolbar holds the Insert Image option?

Picture toolbar holds the insert image option.

How can you wrap an image with text?

To wrap an image with the text, follow these steps:
✦ Select the image.
✦ Click on the Format menu and then the Wrap option.
✦ Select the required wrap option.
✦ Click on the required wrap button available on the Drawing Object Properties toolbar.

What is Gallery?

LibreOffice has a built-in Gallery that contains ready-to-use objects (Arrows, Bullets, Diagrams, Symbols, and so on) and sounds that you can insert into your documents.

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