Kips IT Class 9 Chapter 3 Solutions PERSPECTIVES IN COMMUNICATION Part-A

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 9
UnitUnit-1 Communication Skills
Chapter3 Perspectives in Communication
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A. Fill in the Blanks:

1. Prejudice is a negative attitude, especially when it is related to hatred or intolerance for certain groups of people.

2. Attitude is a mindset that decides how an individual perceives an idea or a situation and responds to it.

3. Our Past Experience also serve as a caution, and help us to protect ourselves from dangerous situations.

4. A person with ‘I’m OK: You’re OK’ life-position has an Assertive Communication style.

5. When we Categorise people, we overlook their individual qualities and therefore fail to understand and appeal to them.

B. Answer the Following Questions:

Has any of your past experiences affected your communication with others? State how it affected the outcome of the communication.

Yes, My past experiences affected my communication with others. I am sharing my past experience that made me confident than before. here it is:
Once in my school i had to perform on stage, but i was nervous because it was my first stage performance, but when i did it, my classmates and teachers appreciated me. That boosted my Confidence.

How does the environment affect communication? Cite an example.

All of us communicate differently in different environments. For example, some students hesitate to voice their opinions in the classroom, while others thrive on the attention of their classmates. Therefore, while some students enjoy and learn more from classroom discussions, the shy students do not speak up in the class. If the teacher talks to the shy students personally, they are better able to convey their problems and opinions. Recognising how the environment affects your communication with others helps you to understand why someone might be communicating in a particular way. This understanding further helps you to create or choose an environment that is conducive for the specific communication.
For instance, in the above example, if the teacher knows her student’s personality, she can hold fruitful discussions in the class and also give personal attention to the shy students.

Surabhi and her friends are debating about an artwork. Some of them think that it is a jungle scene, while others perceive it as the life journey of a person. Which factor is influencing their perspective towards that artwork?

Visual Perspective of jungle scene influencing their perspective towards artwork.

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