Kips IT Class 10 Chapter 9 Solutions Managing Files and Folders Part-A

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 10
Subject Code402
UnitUnit-3 Information and Communication Technology Skills
Chapter9 Managing Files and Folders
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A. Select the correct option.

1. Which application provides the basic information about files, folders and drives?

  • Windows Developer
  • Windows Explorer
  • Windows Detective

2. A computer represents files using Icons.

  • Icons
  • Digits
  • Symbols

3. Which one of the following is not a correct statement?

  • All files are of the same type
  • Only files of the same type can be stored in a folder
  • Files can be of different types

4. Which of the following option is used to get the a file from the Recycle Bin?

  • Restore
  • Recall
  • Refresh

B. Answer the Following Questions.

Why are files used in computers?

Files are used to store information in computers. If you save files randomly, then you will waste your time and energy in searching for them when needed. The Operating System organises the data in such a way that it is easy to store and find. This is done by using the File System. A File System defines the ways in which files are named and where they are placed logically for storage and retrieval.

What is the difference between a file and folder?

A File System defines the ways in which files are named and where they are placed logically for storage and retrieval.
A Folder is where files are organised in a tree like structure.

What are the different ways of renaming a file or folder?

There is one way of renaming a file or folder –
• To rename any file/folder, first select it.
• Right-click on the selected file/folder and select the Rename option from the Shortcut menu. Now, type the new name that you wish to give to the file/folder.

What is a Recycle Bin? How can you empty its contents?

Recycle bin acts a ‘holding bay’ for files and folders and also even shortcuts!, it is the place where you can recycle your deleted files and folders.

To empty contents of recycle bin follow these steps:
• Right-click on the Rycycle Bin.
• From the shortcut menu, select the option Empty Recycle Bin.
• You will be asked to confirm if you want to permanently delete the files. Click on Yes to delete.

How can you delete a file from the folder?

To delete a file from the folder, first go to that folder where the file exists and now select it.
• Click on the Organize option and select the Delete option
from the drop-down menu.
• A message box appears on the screen asking for the confirmation to delete the file.
• Select Yes to confirm. You will find that the selected
file/folder has been deleted.

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