Kips IT Class 10 Chapter 14 Solutions Working with Forms and Reports Part-B

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 10
Subject Code402
UnitUnit-3 Database Management System
Chapter14 Working with Forms and Reports
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A. Select the correct option.

1. It is a convenient and interactive way of entering data.

  • Form
  • Report
  • Query

2. A None of these is not a part of the Form Navigation toolbar.

  • New Record button
  • Save button
  • None of these

3. It is an effective way to organise and summarise the data from a database for viewing and printing.

  • Table
  • Form
  • Query

4. It is a section in a report that contains the heading of the report.

  • Page Header
  • Header
  • Report

5. It is a type of report that always displays the same data from the time when it was created.

  • Dynamic
  • Static
  • Both a and b

B. Write T for True and F for False.

1. You can add or edit one record at a time in a table using a form. – TRUE

2. A form cannot have a different name from a table. – FALSE

3. Data can be inserted, updated, and deleted from a table by using the Form object. – TRUE

4. In LibreOffice Base, you can create forms using the Form Wizard or Design Mode. – TRUE

5. The Record Search dialog box opens when you click on the Find Record button. – TRUE

C. Answer the following questions.

What is a Form?

Generally, a form is a piece of paper that holds different blank fields in which you fill the required information. Similarly, in the LibreOffice Base, a form holds different fields of a table that you use to enter and modify the data in the database.

A form is linked to a table. Using form, you can add or edit one record at a time. It is a convenient and an interactive way of entering data, but not an appropriate tool for every data entry. This is useful, when you work with the different users and do not want to expose your confidential data.

How can you launch a Form Wizard?

To launch a Form Wizard, follow these steps:
• Open an existing database and click on the Forms in the Database Objects pane.
• Select the Use Wizard to Create Form option in the Database Tasks pane.
• The Form Wizard opens.

Can you change the name of a label? If yes, how?

To Change the name properties of the labels, follow these steps:
• Right-click on the created form and select Edit. You will switch into the Design Mode of the form.
• Choose a label that you wish to modify.
• Double-click on it. You will get the set of properties in the Properties: Label Field dialog box where you can define or modify the properties of the control.

For example, change the name of the field Customer_ID to Cust_ID, and scroll down the Background color property and choose a colour. Changes will apply immediately.

What is the use of a report in Base?

A report is a summary of your database. It is an effective way to organise and summarise the data for viewing and printing. It consists of information obtained from tables or queries, and presented as per the user’s requirements. Reports are generally prepared and presented in hard copy if you need to share the information from your database with someone but do not want that person to actually work with your database. Reports also provide the facility to group and sort the data items, thus making it much more readable.

Distinguish between a static report and dynamic report.

A dynamic report generates the result of the report from the current table data. This means that if you have some updated data in the table that feeds the report, then the report will change accordingly. However, a static report always displays the same data from the time when the static report was created.

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