Kips IT Class 10 Chapter 4 Solutions Using a Table of Contents Part-B

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 10
Subject Code402
UnitUnit-1 Digital Documentation (Advanced)
Chapter4 Using a Table of Contents
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A. Select the correct option.

1. What does TOC stand for?

  • Term of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • None of these

2. Which menu has the ‘Table of Contents and Index’ option?

  • Insert
  • Styles
  • Tools

3. In which field can you change the title of the TOC?

  • Title
  • Character Style
  • Outline

4. How do you open the ‘Chapter Numbering’ dialog box to define the hierarchy of headings?

  • Tools > Chapter Numbering
  • Chapter Numbering > Tools
  • Tools > Line Numbering

B. Fill in the blanks.

1. The Table of Contents (TOC) consists of Headings and Sub-headings of a book.

2. Writer generates all the entries automatically as Hyperlinks in the TOC.

3. Usually, a Table of Contents follows the Title page in a document.

4. The Grey background colour in the TOC reminds you that the text has been generated automatically.

C. Answer the following questions.

What is TOC?

The Table of Contents (TOC) consists of headings and sub-headings of a book or document. It is a necessary index, generally available in long documents, books, drafts, etc. It includes titles or first-level headings, such as chapter names, and sometimes it even includes second-level headings, and occasionally third-level headings. A Table of Contents acts as a map for the users. It allows them to find information in the document using the chapter names and page numbers.

List any two characteristics of a good TOC.

Two characteristics of a good TOC are:
• It should be easy to read and simple to use.
• It should be organised and formatted properly.

What is the hierarchy of headings?

You can define the hierarchy of headings in a document if it contains multi-level headings. For example, you can categorise the headings in different heading levels, such as 1, 1.1, 1.2, 2, 2.1, and so on.

How can you edit the existing TOC?

To edit the existing TOC, follow these steps:
• Right-click anywhere in an existing Table of Contents.
• A shortcut menu appears. Select the Edit Index option.
• The Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography dialog box appears.
• Select the Type tab, if you want to set the attributes of the TOC, such as assign title name, protect against manual changes, choose index for the document or for the current chapter, etc.
• Click on the Entries tab, if you want to define or format the entries of the TOC, i.e., you can compose the structure of the TOC and change the appearance of each outline level (heading level).
• Click on the Styles tab, if you want to assign different paragraph styles to change the formatting of index titles, separators, and index entries.
• Choose the Columns tab, if you want to set the TOC into more than one column.
• Select the Background tab, if you want to add a background colour or background image.
• Once completed, click on OK.

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