Kips IT Class 10 Chapter 8 Solutions Sharing and Reviewing a Spreadsheet Part-B

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 10
Subject Code402
UnitUnit-2 Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)
Chapter8 Sharing and Reviewing a Spreadsheet
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A. Select the correct option.

1. Which of the following menu contains the ‘Share Spreadsheet’ option?

  • Tools
  • Edit
  • File

2. Which of the following is a correct choice to record changes in a spreadsheet?

  • Changes > Track Change
  • Track Changes > Record
  • Track Record > Changes

3. Which dialog box allows you to accept or reject changes in a spreadsheet?

  • Manage Changes
  • Track Changes
  • Record Changes

4. Which of the following menu has the ‘Track Changes’ option?

  • Edit
  • View
  • File

5. Which dialog box helps you to fix conflict changes in a spreadsheet?

  • Manage Changes
  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Correct Conflicts

B. Write T for True and F for False.

1. Some commands are not available when document sharing is activated. – TRUE

2. All the users will be able to save the shared document while you resolve the conflicts. – FALSE

3. Changes in a spreadsheet are marked by a border around the cells. – TRUE

4. You can add comments to add some information or provide a feedback. – TRUE

C. Answer the following questions.

How can a group of people work on a Calc spreadsheet, simultaneously?

A group of people can work on a Calc spreadsheet simultaneously by following these steps:
• Create a spreadsheet and save it in a network location, so that the other users can access it easily.
• With the spreadsheet document open, click on the Tools menu. Choose Share Spreadsheet to activate the collaboration features for this file.
• The Share Document dialog box opens. Select the Share this spreadsheet with other users checkbox to enable sharing.
• Click on OK. If you have already saved the spreadsheet, a message appears stating that you must save it in the activate shared mode.
• Click on Yes to continue. If the spreadsheet has not been saved previously, the Save dialog box appears. Save the spreadsheet. The word (shared) is shown on the title bar next to the document’s title.
• Now, all the users of group can work together on the same spreadsheet.

Why do you use track changes?

Sometimes, you may be required to record the changes done by you or the other users in a spreadsheet to review later. The Track Changes > Record command is used for this purpose. The Track Changes feature of Calc enables you to keep a track of the changes done by you or the other users in a spreadsheet. Track changes records the usual changes, such as addition, deletion, content alterations, and formatting, and visualised changes in order to ease the review.

What are comments?

Comments means something that you say or write that gives your opinion or feeling about something.

Why do you compare and merge spreadsheets?

Compare Spreadsheets: Suppose, you have sent a spreadsheet to your friend and asked him/her to edit it. Your friend has made the changes in the spreadsheet without turning on the Track Changes feature and sent the spreadsheet back. In such a case, how will you find the changes in it?

Calc provides the ‘Compare Document’ feature using which you can compare the spreadsheets. In order to compare spreadsheets, you must have the original spreadsheet and the one that is edited.

Merge Spreadsheets: Sometimes, there are multiple edited versions of a sheet that reviewers return at the same time. In such a situation, the versions of the file can be reviewed one by one which becomes a difficult task. To overcome this problem, Calc provides the Merge Document feature that enables you to merge the multiple files so that the user can review all these changes at once, rather than reviewing one at a time. While merging sheets, all of the edited documents need to have recorded changes in them.

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