Kips IT Class 10 Chapter 5 Solutions Basic Writing Skills Part-A

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 10
Subject Code402
UnitUnit-1 Communication Skills
Chapter5 Basic Writing Skills
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A. Select the correct option.

1. A Phrase is a group of words that forms a unit within a sentence but is incomplete independently.

  • Subject
  • Phrase
  • Noun

2. Written words are used to keep a record of the communication for future reference.

  • Spoken words
  • Hand movements
  • Written words

3. An Assertive sentence is a sentence that states a fact.

  • Imperative
  • Interrogative
  • Assertive

4. Interjection refers to the situation or environment in which the message is delivered.

  • Interjection
  • Verb
  • Preposition

5. With which of the following words can we not use the article ‘an’?

  • European
  • Hour
  • Egg

B. Fill in the Blanks.

1. A group of words that makes complete sense is called a Sentence.

2. Every complete sentence contains two parts, a subject and a Predicate.

3. A crucial part of writing a good paragraph is Proofreading and revision.

4. ‘A’ an ‘an’ are two forms of the Definite articles.

5. Indefinite articles is used when the noun that follows is already known.

C. Answer the Following Questions.

What is a phrase? Give one example of each type of phrase.

A phrase is a group of words that form a unit within a sentence but is incomplete independently. A phrase lacks both the subject and object.
Noun phrase: We all love eating icecream. (noun phrase – eating ice cream)
Verb phrase: This jewellery may be worth millions of rupees! (verb phrase – may be worth)
Adjective phrase: Radhika walked on the stage very gracefully. (adjective – very gracefully, describes the object – walk)
Adverbial phrase: We strolled through the gardens very slowly. (adverbial phrase – very slowly)
Prepositional phrase: All rooms below the deck are sleeping. (prepositional phrase – below, noun- deck)

What is definite article? Where is it used? Give three examples.

The definite article, ‘the’ can be used with both countable nouns (singular as well as plural) and uncountable nouns. Its main use is to specify a person, place, or thing. it is used when the noun that follows is already known. Examples:
-> I bought a painting from the shop. The painting is very beautiful.
-> The Rich should help the poor.
-> I like to swim in the sea.

How is the usage of ‘a’ different from ‘an’ in English language?

‘A’ is used:
-> Before a singular countable noun when it is mentioned for the first time. Example – This is a river.
-> Before a singular countable noun or adjective beginning with a consonant sound. Examples – I ate a burger., She has a bicycle.
-> To express quantity. Examples – a couple of; a lack of;
-> In certain exclamatory expressions. Examples – What a beautiful place !, What a shame !
‘An’ is used:
‘an’ performs a similar function as ‘a’. It is used before singular countable nouns which begin with a vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u). Examples: He has an axe., She is an MLA., It’s an honour to work with him., He has an umbrella.

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