Kips IT/Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 8 Solutions ITERATIVE STATEMENTS IN PYTHON

Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 8 Solutions is part of Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Solutions. Here we have given Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 8 Solutions ITERATIVE STATEMENTS IN PYTHON.

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Kips Cyber Beans Class 8 Chapter 8 Solutions ITERATIVE STATEMENTS IN PYTHON

A. Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Iterative statement is also known as Looping Statements.

  1. Looping
  2. Conditional
  3. Selection
  4. Sequential

2. The for loop is used when we are sure about how many times a loop body will be executed.

  1. while
  2. for
  3. while…else
  4. while…not…else

3. If the condition in a loop is false in the first step itself, we get No output.

  1. No output
  2. Infinite
  3. Error
  4. Normal

4. The in operator checks whether a given value lies within a given set of values.

  1. not in
  2. between
  3. range
  4. in

5. The while loop can be applied to a program where the number of iterations is not known beforehand.

  1. while
  2. while…else
  3. for…not…else
  4. for

B. Answer in one word:

1. Logical operators are used to assign a value to the variable. – Loops

2. The value of a variable cannot be changed during program execution. – For and Else

3. In Python, ‘and’ is an example of Logical operators. – In and Not In

4. Script Mode is used to create files in Python. – Range () function

C. Answer the following:

What do you mean by Iterative statements? Give examples.

The statement that keep repeating themselves As Long As given addition is true are called iterative statements. Two types are 1)for loop 2)while loop.

Why are for and while loops called entry controlled loops?

Because the condition statement is checked in the beginning of the top.

What is the use of membership operators in Python?

There are two membership operators in and not in. The in operators is used to check if a given value exists in the sequence or not. It evaluates to true if it finds a value in the specified sequence as it returns false.

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