Kips IT Class 9 Chapter 10 Solutions INTRODUCTION TO SPREADSHEETS Part-B

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 9
UnitUnit-4 Electronic Spreadsheet
Chapter10 Introduction to Spreadsheets
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Answer the Following Questions:

What is a Spreadsheet?

The term ‘spreadsheet’ is used widely in accounting and business today. ‘Spreadsheet’ is derived from the word ‘spread’. It can be seen in the context of a newspaper or magazine where two facing pages extend or are spread across the centerfold and considered as one.

Name three important features of spreadsheets.

Formatting Features: These features are used for improving the appearance of data.
Auto Updation of Data: The data is automatically recalculated in the whole worksheet if any change is made in a single cell.
Auto Fill: This feature helps in entering data in series automatically.

Mention any four spreadsheet software.

Four Spreadsheet Softwares are Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Gnumeric, WikiCalc.

Define a workbook.

The MS Excel file is referred to as a workbook, in which you work and store your data. It is assigned a temporary name Book1. A workbook is a collection of one or more worksheets in a single file. Each workbook has a single theme and contains, at least, one worksheet. The workbook is designed to hold multiple worksheets together in order to organiseand consolidate data efficiently.

How is a Formula bar different from Name box?

Formula bar: The Formula bar is located at the top of the sheet. It is located to the right of the Name box. This bar shows the characters and formulas that you enter in an active cell. It shows the actual content of the cell. In Excel, if a function or formula is written in a cell, the cell displays the result or value, and the formula bar displays the function or formula applied. A formula or function always starts with an equal (=) sign.
Name box: The Name box is located above the column heading on the left hand side of the window. The unique cell name/cell reference is displayed in this box. It displays the location of the cell pointer.

Define cell range in MS Excel.

In general, a range refers to a series of values between two other values. For example, the range between 1 and 5 includes 2,3, and 4 as well. When referring to a spreadsheet, the range or cell range is a collection of cells within a row or column. A range can be two or more contiguous cells, which are selected or denoted collectively. You can specify a range by writing the starting cell address followed by the ending cell address, both separated by a colon (:).

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