Kips IT Class 9 Chapter 3 Solutions USING TYPING SOFTWARE Part-B

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 9
UnitUnit-2 Data Entry and Keyboarding Skills
Chapter3 Using Typing Software
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Answer the Following Questions:

Mention any two advantages of touch typing.

Speed: One of the most attractive reasons to learn the touch typing skill is the significant increase in speed and efficiency. Touch typing is certain to offer the most productive method for working on the wide-ranging data-entry projects.
Time: Another benefit of touch typing is accomplishing the work within a given time frame. The more the typing speed is, the less will be the time taken to type and accomplish the task.

What is computer ergonomics?

Computer ergonomics is the science of refining the design of products to optimise the workspace “fit” between each worker and his or her work environment. This helps in increasing performance and reducing the risk of strain injuries.

What is the difference between gross typing speed and net typing speed?

• Gross, or Raw speed is a calculation of exactly how fast you type with no error penalties. The Gross typing speed is calculated by taking all words typed and dividing it by the time it took to type the words.
• Net speed is a calculation of exactly how fast you can type error-free. It is arguably the most useful tool in gauging typing abilities. Since errors play a part in its calculation, it is more a measure of typing productivity than of just typing speed.

Define typing accuracy with an example.

Accuracy in typing means that you type the words accurately and correctly. Typing accuracy is defined as the percentage of correct entries out of the total entries typed. So, if you typed 90 out of 100 characters correctly, you typed with 90% accuracy.

In Terms ofTyping AccuracyExample
SuppositionNet Speed
WordsAccuracy % = 100% – [(words with errors x 100%) /Total number of words]A person typed 50 words per 2 mins. with errors in 6 words.Accuracy = 100-((6 * 100)/50) => 88%
CharactersAccuracy% 100% – ((characters with errors 100% )/Total number of characters)A person typed 250 characters per 2 mins. with errors in 30 characters.Accuracy = 100-((30 * 100)/250) => 88%
KeystrokesAccuracy% = 100% – ((keystrokes with errors 100% ) /Total number of keystrokes)A person typed 200 keystrokes per 2 mins. with errors in 40 keystrokes.Accuracy = 100 ((40 * 100)/200) =>80%
Typing Accuracy Table (Page – 161) You can write from your book.

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