Kips IT Class 9 Chapter 5 Solutions IMPORTANCE OF SELF-MANAGEMENT Part-A

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 9
UnitUnit-2 Self-Management Skills
Chapter5 Importance of Self-Management
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A. Multiple Choice Questions:

1. The ‘S’ in SMART strategy stands for Specific.

  • Short
  • Specific
  • Schedule
  • Systematic

2. A Time-bound target informs you whether you are progressing at the right pace or not.

  • Defined
  • Time-bound
  • Schedule-bound
  • Accountable

3. Organisation skills is the ability to use your time, energy, and resources effectively to achieve goals.

  • Organisation
  • Scheduling
  • Accountability
  • Time management

4. It is important to prepare a Schedule to accommodate the planned tasks and other activities.

  • Schedule
  • Date-sheet
  • Planning
  • Task-sheet

5. A Solution-centred attitude helps one to focus on the possible solutions.

  • Good
  • Problem-centred
  • Time-bound
  • Solution-centred

B. Fill in the Blanks:

1. Organisation skills is the ability to use your time, energy, and resources effectively to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

2. Being accountable means being Responsible for your actions.

3. The avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished is called Procastination.

4. The mind-set that helps us to focus on the possible solutions is called Solution-centred attitude.

5. Initiative means doing the right thing without being told what to do.

C. Answer the Following Questions:

What is Self-management? How is it different from management?

Management is the art of planning, organising, directing, and controlling the resources and tasks, efficiently and effectively, to achieve a goal and doing it by ourselves and not taking the contribution of others to achieve the pre-determined tasks or goals by regulating our actions, organising our time, and being accountable for our decisions is called Self-management.

Discuss the importance for devising a realistic and time-bound plan.

The importance of devising a realistic and time-bounded plan is very much important to execute that plan successfully. When there are important plans pending, then there should always be given a specific time, which is used for keeping track of the plan.

The chapter mentions ‘measurable’ as part of the SMART strategy. What do you understand by it? How do you measure your progress?

I understand that measuring our progress helps us to achieve goals faster and easier without being stressed. Breaking down a goal into smaller parts and deciding to complete it in a specific time helps people to reach their goal faster without Procrastination and not think that the goal is too big to accomplish.

What is the importance of self -management? Explain briefly.

Self-management is an essential skill for everyone as it teaches you to be productive, no matter what the circumstances are. we grow, the demands on our time and efforts increase from all aspects of our life. This ‘pull’ from all directions brings excessive stress and confusion in our minds. Self-management allows us to set up our priorities, and allocate time, resources, and efforts for activities according to the preferences that we have set. Therefore, it helps us to avoid unnecessary confusion, delays, the stress of pending tasks, and guilt of not being able to attend to important issues.

The practice of self-management benefits you in the following five ways:
• Makes you more Organised
• Instills Discipline
• Helps in Attaining Goals
• Enhances Self-confidence
• Commands Respect from Others

Discuss any three strategies of Organisation Skill that you would like to apply in your life. How do you hope to benefit from them?

I would like to apply Specific, Measurable, and Time-bound from SMART Which forms SMT for me. I would hope to benefit from them by Building and Growing my News Media Company Business.

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