Mini Habits By Stephen Guise Book Summary

If you want to build a 50 storey building.

and now if you arrange only two bricks,

then it’s perfect.

Because even if it is
small but work started.

Bruce Lee said, “Concentration is the
root of all the higher abilities in man”.

If some player is playing in
the Indian cricket team today,

only due to concentration
on cricket for many years,

He has reached there.

If he thought to be a footballer,
dancer or singer,

then maybe, he doesn’t reach here.

Till now we have learned,
“Time is more precious than gold”.

“Time is Money”.

It is a lie.

Time has no value.
Only Attention has value.

Time is only as valuable as
the attention you allocate to it.

If I tell with example.

Why marks are less and more for students studying in the
same class, at the same time, and with the same teacher.

Because here in one hour lecture,
everybody has given time.

but time has no value.

Only attention has value.

So the students who were
given more attention at that time,

had remembered more.

and their marks were more.

but the students who lost
their attention in dreams,

their marks were less.

Time is only as valuable as
the attention you allocate to it.

The best work will be when we have
100% attention while doing that work.

A researcher of the
University of Chicago,

travelled the whole world to find
out when people felt their best.

After 20 years of
research he discovered,

People use a maximum of
their awareness and attention,

when they are in a state,

the name is “FLOW”.

According to him,
“FLOW” is a state

in which people are so
involved in their work,

that nothing else matters to them,

and that is so enjoyable experience,

that people will continue to do it even
at great cost, for the sheer sake of doing it.

When you experience a “FLOW” state,

then you completely
engaged in that task,

you don’t have to care for time.

everything seems to be easy.

You get another step
vision with your every step.

means everything seems to be in flow.

People know this “FLOW”
state by different names.

Like, Psychologists
tell it as “Peak Experience”,

Athletes tell it “In the Zone”.

and the Musician tells
it “In the Pocket”.

After studying top business
executives for 10 years.

McKinsey knew,

being in FLOW,

Our productivity increases not
only to 100% but it increases to 500%.

But we can experience this
“FLOW” state only while working.

But our problem is that don’t
want to start the work.

Procrastination is a big problem.

80%-95% of college students
engage in procrastination.

by that their one-third
of the day waste.

There are two ways to
eliminate procrastination.

One is dependent on willpower and
the other is not dependent on willpower.

If we talk about willpower,

willpower is a limited resource
that changes day to day.

We say Motivation to this willpower.

but we all know motivation
doesn’t last long.

So today we will know a technique to destroy
procrastination, that is not dependent on willpower.

The name of this technique is
“Just start doing something stupid small”.

Our brains always try
to live in a safe zone.

that this is the reason that
we engage in procrastination.

In the morning, without
fixing any duration and destination,

if you prepare yourself to do jogging,

then definitely your brain will
try to stop you to do that work.

and resist that this
jogging will be longer.

You will be tired, leave it, don’t do it.

But If you want to start this morning jogging by the
technique “Just start doing something stupid small”.

It is telling your brain to
do a small piece of that work,

that your brain can’t resist.

In this only you have to give instructions to your
brain that just show me to walk only 3 steps.

when it completes
this small stupid task,

then again you have
to give some instructions.

Miquel completed England
to France English channel,

in 15degree centigrade cold water,

in 11 hours and 34 minutes.

He didn’t allow his brain to think
outside Stroke, Stroke, and Breath.

then his endeavour was completed.

If you have to research any project,

then tell your brain to
visit a website only.

If want to do 50 pushups.

Then tell your brain
to do only 1 pushup.

Means either you want to
do small or big work.

If you want to destroy procrastination,
then start as little so that it will be completed.

Stephen has told in his book
“Mini Habits” that,

any work you want to do,

divide it as much that you
feel it to be stupid to start.

If you want to build
a 50-storey building.

and now if you arrange
only two bricks,

then it’s perfect.

Because even if it is
small but work started.

An effect is created by
doing this stupid small work,

that is known as the
“Zeigarnik Effect”.

“Zeigarnik effect is a
psychological phenomenon,

that tells,

People remember uncompleted
tasks better than completed tasks.

So if we start a task, then
we feel compelled to complete it.

“Zen to Done” author
Leo Babauta says,

“Make it so easy that
You can’t say no”.

We engaged in procrastination
before starting a task,

Because we feel, this work won’t
get completed in this little time.

We fear inside, so we engage in
procrastination and become lazy.

But to remove procrastination
and laziness, there is only one way,

that we get rid of the ” Fear of failure”.

For that, we need to hope that
” Yes, I can do this work”.

That will come by doing
that stupid small task.

So by this method,

You can also, by taking the help
of mini-habits and stupid small tasks,

can destroy procrastination.