The ONE Thing By Gary Keller Book Summary

You know about Modi Ji.

Only because of the politics.

You know about the Messi and Ronaldo.

Only because of the Football.

You know about the Sachin Tendulkar.

Only because of the Cricket.

I can give you many examples of
companies and persons who are famous.

Only because of their one thing.

And by observing these all things,

Co-founder of a real estate company in US,

Gary Keller wrote a book The One Thing
with their vice president Jay Papasan.

And they observed,

That today, popular companies and people of the
world are successful only because of one thing.

And they had the awareness of
limited time to learn new things.

But one work is enough to
learn and become a master in it.

They were aware that competition in the market
wouldn’t let them be the best in everything.

But you can be an expert in one thing.

We recognize Mark Zuckerberg as the
most successful entrepreneur in the world.

Because he focused only on Facebook.

And because of Facebook, he became
the 5th richest person in the world.

So do you know, what is that one thing for you?

If No!
Then Let’s Know!

The first is, Understand The Domino Effect.

A single Domino has the power to
topple a Domino 50% larger than itself.

If you keep many Dominos in a geometric
progression by starting from 2 inches of Domino,

Then, The 18th Domino will fall
by toppling that 2 inches Domino,

Its height will be equal to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

And if the 23rd Domino will fall, its
height will be equal to the Eiffel Tower.

And if the 57th Domino will fall, then its height
will be equal to the distance of Earth to the Moon.

That is, the 1st Domino has the power to topple the
last Domino which is a million times bigger than it.

We should set our goal on the
principle of this Domino Effect.

Let me give you an example.

I have to read 2000 books in a
day, I will call it my Someday Goals.

If I compare this Someday
Goal with the last 57th Domino,

Then It’ll be my last and biggest
domino which I want to topple.

So, to topple the bigger Domino, I’ve
to topple the smallest Domino at first.

That is, my Someday-Goal reaches the Right-now goal
by passing Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly goals.

Which is equal to the first
Domino which is 2 inches.

If I will start reading a
paragraph of the book from now.

Then I’ll be able to read 2000 books someday.

So, according to this principle.

to topple the Domino of 2000 books, I have to
topple the 1st paragraph of the book right now.

A research was done by the psychologists,

In which the two groups of students were made.

One group was said to visualize the direct
outcome for scoring an A grade on the exam.

And the 2nd group was said to visualize the
process for scoring an A grade on the exam.

That means, they were said to visualize things like
what to read, and how many lectures need to attend.

And at the end, scientists got a conclusion.

The performance was the best of the group who visualized the
process compared to the who visualized the direct outcome.

So the final conclusion that came
out from the Domino effect, is that..

You should divide the processes of your
goals by visualizing them into small parts.

And start from the smallest part of Right-Now.

Because success gets built sequentially.

You’ve to be a multi-millionaire
at first to become a billionaire.

And before that, you will
have to become a millionaire.

The 2nd is, Multitasking Is A Lie.

If somebody says to you that
he can multitask then he is lying.

Because nobody can
multitask, not even the computer.

The work Multitasking has
come from the computer.

Which switch from one
work to another very fast.

And we think that it is
doing two work at once.

But In actuality, Computers
also don’t multitask.

Juggling is also an illusion.

The observer thinks that
he is spinning 3 balls at once.

But in reality, he does
toss by catching one ball.

And he completes this work very fast that we
think, he is spinning all 3 balls at once.

Multitasking is neither efficient nor effective.

That’s why, instead of multitasking,
you focus your mind on only one thing.

Through which that work will be completed
effectively in less time compared to multitasking.

The 3rd principle is Willpower Is Limited.

The author says that our willpower
is like the battery of a mobile phone.

which gets discharged by the evening
after being fully charged in the morning.

That’s why we should complete our
most important work in the morning.

As, the electricity is needed to
charge the battery of a mobile phone.

Similarly, we need good
thoughts to recharge our willpower.

That’s why you feel more energetic after
watching motivational videos or reading books.

Because then, your
willpower gets recharged.

Mostly, people complain that they are able
to stay motivated barely for 1 to 2 days.

And again they get back to normal.

Because the battery of a phone isn’t
able to stay charged for 1 to 2 days.

That too is needed to be charged 1 to
2 times in a day according to the uses.

That’s why the author says,
whenever you have willpower,

then You should start the
work as soon as possible.

otherwise, it’ll go waste for no reason.

Now you’ll think that you would’ve many works
to do then which one to choose at first?

Then there is 4th point for it.
Convert To-Do List Into The One Thing!

Everybody creates To-Do List.

But you’ve to do
something different in that.

You’ve to apply the 80/20 principle in it.

Because everybody knows that we get
80% of our results from our 20% of work.

So, you’ve to make the list of that
20% work by defining from the To-Do List.

Which, we will call it as success list.

And in this success list, if you’ll apply
the 80/20 principle for one more time,

Then you’ll find only one work in the end.

Which will be your “The One Thing”.

It doesn’t matter how big your To-Do List is,

By using the 80/20 principle, you
can convert it into The One Thing.

And you have to complete it, at first.

Vince Lombardi had said that
“Success Demands Singleness Of Purpose”.

And it can be possible when you’ll
ask a question by yourself every day that,

“What’s the one thing I can do such that by doing
it everything else will be easier or unnecessary”?

That is, what is the one thing, by which everything
will become easy or unnecessary by doing that thing.

If you’ll start your work
every day with this question.

Then you’ll observe the improvement in
the quality and effectiveness of your work.

So, I’ll highly recommend you to read this
book by adding it to your personal library.

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value for you from this blog

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Thank You!