The Mindset Of Wealthy People

I was watching an interview of a businessman.

There I noticed a pattern.

He was saying that if you solve
people’s problems, you will earn money.

And the more people’s problems you solve,
the more money you will earn.

I thought okay let’s solve someone’s problem.

But in reality, I got to see something else.

Scientist puts their life into research,

Farmers grow crops,

Teachers teach,

Engineers work.

All these solve people’s problems.

But what do they get?


Just some salary.

And all the rest of the wealth is
taken by those managers.

Billionaires are just the kind of people
who just connect the dots.

Who play with human psychology.

The valuation of both Pepsi and
Coca-Cola is more than $250 billion.

So what problem are they solving?

On the contrary, they are increasing the problem.

Plastic waste, impacts on groundwater,
sugar, and chemicals which harm health.

But still, people drink.

It is also given to the guests
who come to the home.


Because it makes us joyful.

What is the need of Bigg Boss?

What problem do they solve?

But still, it is a hit.


Because people enjoy
watching each other fight.

No one even watches
“really useful documentaries” and movies.

But in which there are
drugs, crime and sex scenes,

people see it in full brightness.

Because this is what people want, only fun.

True artists on Instagram die of starvation.

And the views of models showing
their bodies go into millions.

Because people enjoy it.

Whatever you make, whether
it is for the benefit of the people or not,

people will give you money.

If you have won their emotion.

If you give them fun.

Many people will think it’s unethical.

But boss, this is the reality.

Emotions are sold here, not logic.

Now what is right and what is wrong,
write in the comments.