Kips IT Class 9 Chapter 11 Solutions EDITING DATA IN A SPREADSHEET Part-B

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 9
UnitUnit-4 Electronic Spreadsheet
Chapter11 Editing Data in a Spreadsheet
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Answer the Following Questions:

List the types of data that you can enter in a spreadsheet.

You can enter three types of data in a spreadsheet Numbers, Text, and Formulas.

What is the compound formula? Give an example.

Compound formulas are used when you need more than one operator. Example – Calculating Simple Interest by using the formula P*R*T/100.

Distinguish between formulas and functions.

Formulas are equations that perform calculations on values. It is an expression that can include cell address, numbers, arithmetic operators, and parenthesis. The result of the calculation is displayed in the cell where the formula is entered.

Formulas must begin with symbol followed by cell references and operators. You can use either uppercase or lowercase letters while entering the cell address in a formula.

Functions are pre-designed formulas to perform simple and complex calculations. Functions eliminate the chance to write wrong formulas. They accept Arguments and return Values. Since a function cannot exist on its own, it must always be a part of a formula. Functions are made up of two parts-Structure and Arguments.

Explain the use of MAX and MIN functions.

The MAX function returns the largest value among the set of values in a given range of cells. This function only considers numeric entries and logical values as its arguments. If there are no valid arguments within the MAX function, it returns a value of 0. Similarly, Min () function can also be applied in a range. The MIN function returns the smallest value among the set of values in a given range of cells.

Describe the use of COUNT function.

COUNT function counts the number of numeric entries, formulas, and date entries in a given range of cells.

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