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Chapter15 Introduction to Presentation Software
UnitUnit-5 Digital Presentation
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Answer the Following Questions:

What is a presentation?

A presentation is a collection of slides arranged in a sequential manner to convey, persuade, motivate, entertain, or to provide information. It can be projected on a big screen by attaching the computer with a multimedia projector. The maximum usage of presentations can be seen in the fields of entertainment, education, corporate training sessions, seminars, and conferences.

List the different elements of a presentation.

The elements of a presentation are:
• Regular texts, List items
• Background and Title
• Audio and Video
• Graphical elements like, Clip Art, Shape, Diagram, 3D object, Table, etc.
• Transition and Animation
• Header and Footer
• Date and Time
• Slide number

Distinguish between slide and slide show.

A slide can be defined as a digital or an electronic page of a presentation.
A slide show is a sequential display of slides, which is shown to the audience with an objective of providing information and exchanging the ideas and views on a particular topic.

List any three presentation software.

The three presentation softwares are:
• LibreOffice Impress
• OpenOffice Impress
• Adobe Connect

What points should you remember while making a presentation?

While making a presentation we should remember points listed below:
• The Presentation should be Well Designed
• We should include maximum 5 to 8 Number of lines in slide and keep font size to 24 or bigger and use bullets wherever possible.
• Use Colours
• Format slides properly for perfection
• Use High-quality graphics
• Add animations and videos
• Correct use of grammar and language
• Keep presentation simple
• Minimise facts and figures in slides
• Edit Ruthlessly: If you find something unappealing, distracting, or confusing, either modify or remove it.
• Powerful First Impression: First impression is the last impression. You cannot make a first impression twice. The audience will make decisions about you from your first appearance, your words, and the intonation of your voice. Plan the opening of your presentation precisely. Use short sentences and keep minimum technical information. Grab the attention of your audience with a joke, an interesting fact, a short anecdote, a quotation, a positive statement, or stimulating question, etc.

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