Kips IT Class 9 Chapter 18 Solutions USING TABLES IN A PRESENTATION Part-B

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 9
Chapter18 Using Tables in a Presentation
UnitUnit-5 Digital Presentation
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Answer the Following Questions:

What is a table?

A table is a grid cells arranged in rows and columns.

What are the different ways of inserting a table in a presentation?

There are three ways of inserting a table in a presentation 1) Using Table Grid, 2) Using Insert Table Option, 3) Using Draw Table Option.

How can you adjust the column and row width?

In order to change the width of the column, move the cursor to the border line between the two columns, and when the cursor change to sign, hold the left mouse button and drag it until the desired column width is achieved. You can also adjust the row height using the same method.

How can you apply border to a table and change its colour?

To apply apply border to a table and change its colour follow these steps:

Applying Borders
Borders help to improve the appearance of a table.
• Select the cells, rows or columns on which you want to apply the border.
• Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Borders button in the Table Styles group of the Design tab.
• Select the All Borders option from the drop-down menu. A border will be applied on the selected cells, rows or columns.

Changing Border Colour
The Pen Color tool is used to change the border colour of the cells, rows or columns.
• Select the table. Click on the Pen Color button in the Draw Borders group of the Design tab.
• A colour palette appears. Choose the required colour. The mouse pointer changes to a pencil shape.
• Click on the border whose colour you wish to change, or simply drag the mouse on the cell border and release the button. The border colour will be changed.

How can you fill the background colour of the table?

To apply different background colours:
• Select the table by clicking anywhere on its border.
• Click on the Shape Fill button in the Drawing group of the Home tab.
• Select a colour of your choice.