Kips IT Class 9 Chapter 18 Solutions IMPORTANCE OF GREEN ECONOMY Part-A

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UnitUnit-5 Green Skills
Chapter18 Importance of Green Economy
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A. Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Green skill is the ability to Conserve the Environment.

  • Plant trees
  • Protect trees
  • Identify trees
  • Conserve the Environment

2. Setting up solar panels is an example of Green job.

  • Green job
  • Social job
  • Traffic job
  • Hydel job

3. Green Economy can lead to New job opportunities, Low carbon economy, and Better quality of life on this planet.

  • New job opportunities
  • Low carbon economy
  • Better quality of life on this planet
  • All of these

4. Imparting green skills sets will generate New employment opportunities.

  • More nurseries
  • New species of trees
  • Renewal of fossil fuels
  • New employment opportunities

5. Manufacturing diesel generator sets is an example of green job.

  • True
  • Partially True
  • False
  • Partially False

B. Fill in the Blanks:

1. Green economy emphasis on becoming more Resource efficient.

2. Green buildings preserve precious natural resources and improve the quality of life.

3. Bamboo is a tropical commercial grass which controls soil erosion.

4. A green economy is essential for Environmental sustainability and future prosperity.

5. Transition towards a Green economy can help us in countering the ecological problems.

D. Answer in One or Two Sentences:

Enlist any three human activities that cause damage to the environment.

Three human activities that cause damage to the environment are Burning fossil fuels, Creating urban areas, Cutting forests for wood.

List any two job opportunities in the green sector.

Two job opportunities in the green sector are:
• Tourism (as eco-tourist guides) and
• Agriculture (as organic farmers or green practitioners).

How do greenhouse gasses affect our environment?

Greenhouse gases cause Climate change by trapping radiation from the sun and warming the planet’s surface, they also contribute to respiratory disease from smog and air pollution. Extreme weather, food supply disruptions, and increased wildfires are other effects of climate change caused by greenhouse gases.

How do green jobs help in restoring the quality of the environment?

Green jobs involve greater efficiency in the use of energy, water, and material. These jobs help to protect ecosystems and biodiversity, de-carbonise the economy, and minimise all forms of waste and pollution.

What issues does India aims to address through green economy initiatives?

India aims to address the following three issues through green economy initiatives:
• Issues of energy scarcity
• Issues of environmental pollution
• Issues of unemployment or underemployment

E. Answer the Following Questions:

What is green skill and what is its importance in the present times?

Green skills deal with protecting the environment for the future, creating jobs that protect the environment, reducing energy consumption, and minimising waste and pollution.

Green skills refer to the knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes needed to live in, develop, and support a society which reduces the negative impact of human activity on the environment.

Our life depends on natural resources present in the environment like air, freshwater, and soil. By emitting pollutants, greenhouse gases, and waste, we cause drastic and irreversible damage to the environment. For a long time, we humans believed that natural resources are unlimited. Therefore, we exploited the resources available to us with a little thought of their replenishment. The economic prosperity we are enjoying right now will not last forever because natural resources are getting consumed at a much faster rate than before. There is already a scarcity of food, water, fuel, and pure air in many parts of the world.

Explain the relationship between man and environment. How does one impact the other?

Environment and human activities are closely linked to each other, one impacts the other. Therefore, by gradually damaging the natural environment and depleting the natural resources by their activities, humans are threatening their very own existence.

The environment affects people
• Climate
• Water availability
• Shelter availability
• Soil for plant growth

People affect the environment
• Burning fossil fuels
• Creating urban areas
• Cutting forests for wood
• Flushing waste into rivers

The future of this planet is in our hands. There is a need to develop an attitude to care and preserve the quality of the environment. This can be achieved by developing Green skills.

Explain the concept of social inclusion.

Social inclusion essentially means sharing the responsibility as well as the benefits of economic growth across all sections of society. The shift towards green practices require investments by both, private and public sectors leading to the growth in income and employment through green jobs.

How can the youth benefit from the Green Skills Development Programme (GSDP) of the government of India?

The Green Skills Development Programme (GSDP) aims to target a large number of people who will be trained as per the needs of the green sector.

Youth benefit from the following:
• train green skilled workers with technical knowledge and commitment to conserve and preserve the environment.
• generate new jobs for green skilled workers who will help to protect ecosystems and biodiversity, reduce energy consumption, and minimise waste and pollution.
• preserve or restore environmental quality so that it lasts for future generations.

What are the benefits of moving towards green economy?

The benefits of moving towards green economy are:
• Contribution in preventing melting of glaciers and resulting rise of sea level
• Contribution in preventing climate changes such as variations in rainfall, temperature and crop production, and climate disasters like droughts and floods
• Contribution to fight against global warming, desertification (fertile land becoming infertile), and loss of biodiversity (the variety of plant and animal life in a particular habitat)
• Improvement in air, water, and soil quality
• Reduction in disease and deaths of living beings
• Increase in new areas of employment

Why is low carbon growth the chief aim of green economy? How do the increased carbon emissions impact the environment?

Human activities like burning of fossil fuels (coal and oil) have increased the concentration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG) like Nitrogen Oxide and Methane in the atmosphere. This prevents Earth from cooling at night, thus causing global warming and climate change. The term ‘Low Carbon’ means reduction of all greenhouse gas emissions. Low Carbon Growth is now generally expressed using the term Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS). LEDS are generally used to describe the national economic development plans or strategies that include low-emission and climate-resilient economic growth, which means, economic development that does not harm the environment.

Increased Carbon emissions impact the environment by following:
• The greenhouse effect has warmed up oceans and caused melting of glaciers, which in turn are resulting in rising sea levels and changes in the amount and pattern of precipitation. Rising sea levels flood coastal areas and influence shipping industry.
• Global warming is causing more wildfires, droughts, and tropical storms.
• Polluted water and soil contaminate vegetation that we eventually consume.

F. Application Based Questions:

Imagine you are involved in Green Skill Development Programme. Some students have come to your office to know about some of the fields covered under this programme. Suggest them some job opportunities involving green skills.

Some job opportunities involving green skills are:
• Industries (involved in production or manufacturing of green products)
• Tourism (as eco-tourist guides)
• Agriculture (as organic farmers or green practitioners)
• Education and research sectors
• Water management
• Construction related areas

Bahadur Lal is working as a junior officer in the National Park. How is he contributing towards green economy?Justify your answer.

He is contributing towards the green economy in the following ways:
• Protecting and Maintaining the National park.
• Enforce local, state, and federal laws within the area to support the green economy.
• Regular patrolling and recreation of parks.

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