Kips IT Class 9 Chapter 20 Solutions Working with Slide Master Part-B

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 9
Based onLibreOffice 6.2 Version
UnitUnit-5 Digital Presentation
Chapter20 Working with Slide Master
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Answer the Following Questions:

What do you understand by Presentation Themes in LibreOffice Impress?

Themes are the sets of predesigned formats that include text, layouts, background, colour schemes, etc., which can be applied to any presentation in order to enhance its appearance.

What is Slide Transition? Why do you apply it in your presentation?

Transition effects are special effects that are used to enhance the interest of the audience and make the slides attractive. To give a presentation the professional touch, you need to add Transition effects to the slides.

How will you make your slides advance automatically to the next slide after a certain duration during a slide show?

If you want to advance to the next slide, choose ‘On mouse click’ available in the Advance slide section, else select Automatically after for automatic advancement and also specify the duration for which a particular slide stays visible.

How will you add an image in the background of your slide?

To add an image in the background of your slide, Choose Insert Image button from the Properties from the side bar.

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