Kips IT Class 9 Chapter 8 Solutions PRINTING A DOCUMENT Part-B

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 9
UnitUnit-3 Digital Documentation
Chapter8 Printing a Document
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Answer the Following Questions:

What is the use of Zoom Slider bar in the preview section?

You can magnify the view of the page by using the Zoom Slider bar at the bottom right corner of the preview section.

How do you access the Print window?

In MS Word, Click on the File tab, and then select the Print option to access the Print window.

Why do you select the collated or uncollated option while printing a document?

If you want to print more than one copy of a document, you can choose between the Collated and Uncollated options under the Settings section.
If there are 10 pages in a document and you want to print 5 copies, the Collated option will print the complete copy of the document, i.e., from page 1 to page 10 and then it will again start printing the next copy. Whereas, the Uncollated option will print all the 5 copies of the first page and then print the copies of the subsequent pages likewise.

How will you take a printout of selected text of a document?

If you want to take printout of only selected text of a document Select the Print Selection.