Kips IT Class 9 Chapter 9 Solutions MAIL MERGE Part-B

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 9
UnitUnit-3 Digital Documentation
Chapter9 Mail Merge
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Answer the Following Questions:

What do you understand by the term Mail Merge?

Mail Merge feature of Microsoft Word is used to combine a data source, which contains addresses of all the recipients, with the main document. It saves your time and energy to send letters to multiple addresses.

Name the documents that are combined while using the Mail Merge feature.

Documents that are combined while using the Mail Merge feature are Data Source, Main Document and Merge Field.

Define the term data source.

Answer: Data Source consists of a mailing list. The data is organised in a tabular form along with the field names. For example, name, address, city, PIN, telephone number, etc. The data source is associated with the main document, so that its field names can be used in the main document, and it becomes easy to merge addresses with the main document.

Ayush#605, Sector 2Panchkula1341092576675
Manvika#105, Sector 20Panchkula1341092586498
Bhumi#24, Sector 35Chandigarh1600354618090
Akash#645, Phase 11Mohali1201452264080
Sample Mailing List

What is a main document?

It contains the text that you wish to send to the recipients.

What are the main steps involved in Mail Merge?

The main steps involved in Mail Merge are:
• Select your Document Type.
• Click on the Starting Document (wizard step) under ‘step 1 to 6’
• Use the Current Document
• Select your Recipients
• Write your letter.
• Preview your letters.
• Complete the merge

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