Kips IT Class 9 Chapter 2 Solutions VARIOUS METHODS OF COMMUNICATION Part-A

TextbookKips Information Technology Class 9
UnitUnit-1 Communication Skills
Chapter2 Various Methods of Communication
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A. Fill in the Blanks:

1. Facial Expressions is the most noticeable aspect of non-verbal communication.

2. The most significant advantage of oral communication is that it provides immediate Feedback.

3. The use of Visual aids grab the attention of the students and keep them engaged.

4. Written communication is the most formal form of communication.

5. Tone is an example of Non-Verbal communication.

B. Answer the Following Questions:

What are the advantages and limitations of oral communication? Explain with examples.

Advantages of Oral Communication
There are following advantages of oral communication:
1. It is interpersonal and helps in building the relationship.
2. It encourages involvement in teamwork and decision making process.
3. Oral means providing prompt feedback.
4. It is cost efficient.
5. It is a preferred mode of communication for private or confidential matters.
• Example – Group discussions, speech, meeting, personal conversation, telephonic conversation, etc.
Disadvantages of Oral Communication
There are following disadvantages of oral communication.
1. In this form of communication, emotions are visible and hence can lead to miscommunication.
2. It has no legal validity.
3. It does not provide the permanent record and message can easily be forgotten.
4. It may be difficult for a certain people to understand speech due to various accents and pace used in the oral communication.
5. This form of communication is not suitable for lengthy messages.
• Example – it is not used in formal conversation.

Explain with the help of an example how body language may support or contradict a message.

Body language includes facial expressions, eye movement, hand gestures, posture, etc. Body language shows not only positive message but also show negative message. For example – Standing erect and leaning forward communication to listeners that you are approachable and friendly. Other hand, folding the hand gives negative message to listener. Even it shows defensive gesture.

What is the significance of Visual communication?

There are following significance of visual communication –
1. Visual aids like graphs, diagrams, models, etc., make oral communication more meaningful.
2. Use of visual aids makes Complex data easy to comprehend.
3. Visual aids make the communication more interesting.

Prateek wants to share the marking criteria for the final project with his team mates. Suggest him the preferred channel for this task and give reasons for the same.

Prateek should use Oral communication. This is an effective method to communicate with their team mates. He will able to get immediate feedback and their opinion related to topic.

Enlist the disadvantages of Non-verbal communication.

There are following disadvantages of Non-Verbal communication.
1. It is difficult to analyse a non-verbal message, thus leaving a greater possibility of distortion of information.
2. In non-verbal communication, long conversation and necessary explanations are not possible.

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